Half Marathon Program

The Half Marathon Training Program From The Run Experience.


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Half Marathon Details

Lifetime-access for a one-time payment.

  • 8 weeks of video based coaching (available on our community site or our mobile app)
  • Access to our training forum and coaching support
  • Live coaching calls
  • Comprehensive (2 or 4 Month option), Video Based Training Plan - Coach Supported
  • Fully Integrated Mobility Program
  • Full Integrated Strength For Runners Program
  • Access to our Private Coaching Forum
  • Live Coaching Calls with Nate + special guest coaches
  • All BONUSES: Injury Prevention Package, Perfect Form Series, Perfect Warm Up Series
  • I went for a steady 22k jog on some pretty wicked hills yesterday. When I was 21, I had knee and shin problems related to running. I’m now 35. I just never thought this was possible.

    Miles W
  • Some of your methods seem bizarre or at least unconventional, but they work! Other methods I’ve heard and practiced multiple times but the way you explain them somehow makes a big difference and really hits home.

    Liz R
  • TRE training works!!!! Finished the Carlsbad Half in record time. Totally spent, and could not have succeeded like this without TRE. Thank you!

    Greg H
  • Longest run ever (17 miles!) The best part was my (more experienced) running partner commented on how good my form was all the way to the end, even when I got tired. Thanks!

    Susea A
  • First 13 miler ever feeling so good. No pain thanks to the great mobility work.

    Victor A