Perfect Running Form

Discover your perfect running form with this exclusive video series from TRE.


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The Run Experience Video Perfect Running Form!


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  • A full overview of what good form contains (hint: it’s not the same for everyone!)
  • Posture and Shoulders: An Arm Swing Drill that teaches you to resist rotation and increase efficiency
  • Hips, Cadence and Footstrike: Hip position and how it affects injuries
  • Foot position, pronation and supination, and how squatting can help!
  • Section on breathing and how it affects form
  • I spent 15 minutes with your recommended warmup routine to open up my hips and my posture on the run. No pain and it felt great to get back out on the road!

    Chris C
  • Felt like I was truly running, at last, not just jogging. Not bad for three weeks shy of 51, I think. Thanks Nate.

    Brian H
  • So glad I found you. Keep up the great work reaching out to runners and fixing us. Nate’s clear instructions and easy to remember drills fix a multitude of sins without you even realizing it.

    Rosey A
  • Some of your methods seem bizarre or at least unconventional, but they work! Other methods I’ve heard and practiced multiple times but the way you explain them somehow makes a big difference and really hits home.

    Liz R
  • The mobility and form guidance is really working. Thanks you Nate and the TRE team!

    James W