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  • What plan did I purchase?

    When you sign up for any of our programs or subscriptions we send you an email with your receipt. This is where you will find the details of your program. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. Sometimes messages hang out there in the dark, waiting to be rescued.

    If you are still unsure, please send us an email to and we’ll be happy to help by giving you the details.

  • Yes, there is a lot! We aim to provide training and supplemental programs to meet the needs of all our runners in various situations and stages of experience.

    Start by assessing your goals. Keep it simple and ask yourself: What do I want to achieve? By what date do I want to accomplish my goal(s)?

    If you still need some direction, please send us an email by writing to We are here to support you. You are a Run Experience runner now and your goals are important to us. Helping you choose the path to get there and supporting you along the way is the reason we are here. Our support is part of your training package.



  • Once you have signed up our system will process your payment and an account and your login credentials will be created. This will be sent to you by email. These emails are known to sneak back into spam folders so if you don’t see it there, it might just need a little more time to be processed. If you have been waiting an hour or more, send us a message to so we can look into this for you. Every once in a while technology needs a human to intervene and hurry it up.

    I can’t get into all of the Training Plans on the website

    If you have purchased one or more individual programs you will be able to access all of those with your same login details. You will not be able to get into plans that are not part of your subscription or have not been purchased by you.

    If you are a Training Club member, you should be able to click on all of the Programs and extras that are part of the Club.

    If you are still having difficulties, send us an email so we can get behind the scenes to identify the issue and get you back in. It’s usually something simple, but it’s frustrating for you and we really don’t want you closed out of your training.

    How do I access the site?

    Be sure to bookmark the Community site.  You’ll be able to see all the programs The Run Experience has to offer as well as get direct access to the specific program(s) you’ve purchased.

  • There can be several reasons that cause problems with logging into accounts. Send us an email to and tell us what is happening. If you get a message when you attempt to log in, let us know what you see on your screen. This can help us find the problem more quickly so we can get you back into your training plan.

  • It happens to ALL of us! You can request a new password here. Your new password will be sent to you by email. If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Sometimes emails like to hide out back there.

  • No problem. You can change it by going to the Password Reset Form.

  • Just send us a message with a note of the email address you have been using and the new one you want to use from this point forward.  We can get it changed for you.



    Where are my daily emails? 

    In our email we previously sent you titled “Welcome to the [the name of the program you are using]”, you must click on the big ORANGE button to trigger the daily emails! This way you can choose to start whenever you like!

    Important, you will NOT receive day 2’s email until you open day 1. So make sure you’re opening the previous day’s daily email to insure you receive the next day’s email.

    Still not getting those emails. What’s next?

    Check your spam and promotions folders and make sure you’ve whitelisted “”! If you’re still not receiving emails, email us: and we’ll get you sorted.

    I missed a few days. Can I adjust the emails?

    In our automated email series, the next day’s email will only be sent once the previous day’s email has been opened by you. For example, you will not receive day 2’s email until after you’ve opened day 1. So if something comes up and you need a few days off of the program, you will not continue to receive emails! However, if 5 days have elapsed the system will assumed you’re doing the program without opening your Training Program daily emails and will then send the next daily email in 5 day increments.

  • We can reset your daily training emails for you. Just send us a message stating what day you need your email to start and we will take care of it to put you on track.

    If you prefer not to access your day’s workout through your email you can also sign in on the community website and hit the drop down box on the left and select the week and day you need. All your workout videos and instructions are waiting there for you.

  • If you purchase the wrong program or you change your mind and realize a different plan is more suitable, please contact us. We want you to enjoy your training with us. We can help you get this changed so that you have the right program for your needs, abilities and goals right now.

  • Send us a message to and ask us for an payment update form. We’ll get an email sent over to you so you can manage your payment details without passing out your personal card information. .

  • We are always sad to say goodbye to any of our members, but sometimes it is necessary to cancel and we understand that. We like to say a personal thank you for training with us before you leave and see if you have any feedback or suggestions to offer. You can submit the details of your request by visiting the Account Management Survey

  • Purchased Programs

    When you purchase a program from us it is yours to keep for ever. Just like we promise. If you decide for any reason that you do not want to keep your program, we offer a 365 day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee and we honor our promise.

    If you decide it is not for you, please send us an email to Please note that if we issue a refund, you will not be able to access your training plan with immediate effect upon cancellation.

    Monthly subscriptions

    If you have a monthly subscription to the Training Club or the Weekly Running Tuneup, you can contact us at any time to cancel your membership. We do not typically refund any payments from subscription based memberships because you have access to everything within your member portal from the day your account is activated. But we also understand that there are times you want to take a break from training and sometimes life just happens.

    We want you to get the best possible value out of your program and if you need some time out, we can cancel for you and any time you are ready to resume training you can just contact us again to have everything reactivated for you.

  • All we need is your name and the email address you used when you signed up or purchased your product.

    And one more thing. Your thoughts and suggestions. We work hard to ensure that we deliver high quality training that is easy to use and back it up with our full support. If you purchased the wrong product and really needed a different training plan, let us know. We can get more details from you about your needs and goals and make recommendations for you. We want you to enjoy training with us and we know you will see the results if you put in the work, but it is important to us that you have the right plan to suit you where you are right now.

  • Yes there is! And it’s free. You can find it here: Mobile app

  • Can I get my paid programs on the app?

    Absolutely! If you go to the menu bar at the top left of the screen and scroll midway through the dropdown box, you will see a Member Login area. Once you are logged in you can access any of your purchased programs on the go. A coach right in your pocket, complete with videos!

  • Our training plans are designed to be flexible to help our runners of varying abilities and levels of experience achieve their goals. The focus is on the principles behind the training and putting the recipe together for a healthy, strong and successful runner. If you usually run more days a week or higher mileage than your program prescribes, you can add in additional running days or just add the extra miles to bring you to where you are comfortable.

    We have members ranging from beginners to very advanced and talented athletes who enjoy great success following the same program. If you need help getting started with adaptations like this, please contact us by emailing and one of us will be more than happy to get you set up.

    We would strongly encourage you to keep the main focus of the workouts for any given day incorporated into your run though. If you have drills within the day’s run you really want to keep them in there. The training plans have been carefully crafted by our coaches and each workout is strategically planned and placed where it is for a purpose to produce optimal results.

    For strength training you will see that many of our workouts offer alternatives to accommodate you if you are returning from injury, find the moves too difficult or if you are just a super hero and want to go for the advanced option.

    The strength workouts are too hard (or too easy). What should I do?

    First off, it’s important to start regular strength work. Period. Once you’ve accepted that into your life, we now need to find the right starting point. All of you are at different levels of strength so please understand that you will have to make modifications to the sets and reps or to the exercises themselves.

    Our training plans now offer options for modifications on many of the workouts to Watch this video for some good examples of how we’d like to see you modify our strength exercises.

    Watch Video

    I’m really tight! And I can’t do certain exercises. What should I do instead?

    We all have a stiff ankle, hip, or shoulder. The strength and mobility work in the 30 Day Challenge is specifically designed to improve not only your strength but also your range of motion. Check out this video for some extra mobility exercises to incorporate into your DAILY training regimen. Practice makes permanent!

    Watch Video

    My work/family schedule is nuts. Will I mess up my training if I move workouts around?

    We all lead busy lives. We designed our programs to be as friendly and flexible as possible.  On strength training days for example, adjust reps & rounds to match your allotted time for workout, and perform them at a slightly higher intensity or speed. Better to stick to the larger timeline by getting SOMETHING in, rather than nothing at all.

  • You wouldn’t be human if life didn’t happen. It does and sometimes we are forced to skip a workout or we just really need the time out. That’s okay. One missed day won’t break your race, just like one great run won’t make it.

    If you have some additional days to play with before your target race, skip to where you need to be and just carry on. If you have missed a lot and want to reassess your goals or discuss this with someone in the TRE team, you are always welcome to reach out by emailing

    Don’t forget that you can always post questions on our closed members only Facebook Group. You’ll find many runners who have pretty much become permanent residents in our training and are always happy to share their experiences with the training programs they have used. Getting varied perspectives is often really helpful.

  • span style=”font-weight: 400;”>This is optional, but strongly encouraged. Because you have purchased one (or more) of The Run Experience training programs or you are a member of our Training Club or the Weekly Running Tuneup subscription, you want to get into The Run Experience Community group. You will also find a link at the top left of the sidebar menu on your account page when you sign into your program or membership.

    Running is so much about the community and we want you to have a place where you can meet other runners, share your accomplishments and struggles and give and receive encouragement.

    We have a lot of fun on there and countless friendships have been formed since the group was formed. We really want you to a part of it. If you don’t like posting, you are still welcome to join and read along. If you ever do have a question or comment, you’ll be able to contribute.

  • Well it’s a good thing you are here! We have a ton of resources within our Training Club for dealing with injuries and giving you the tools and knowledge to learn how to assess a pre-injured state so you can work on it before it takes you out.

    While we do not diagnose injuries, we have our own sports injury specialist, Dr. Kyle Bowling who can spend time in a one-to-one Injury Consultation with you.

    If you are a Training Club Member and would like to adjust your membership while you are on the road to recovery, you can submit your request by completing our Account Management Survey and we will get in touch with you

  • You can find them right here. If you are unclear about any of our policies, please let us know. We operate on a transparent basis and want to communicate openly and clearly with you.

    I can’t find the answer I’m looking for on this page

    You might be the first one with a brand new question that could be added here. Send us a message to and we will be happy to help you.