Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these tips & tricks for a super smooth run experience with us! Remember, you can always get running & coaching help on our community facebook page:

  • Optimize Emails:

    1. So…where are my daily emails?

    In our email we previously sent you titled “Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge”, you must click on the big ORANGE button to trigger the daily emails! This way you can choose to start whenever you like!

    Important, you will NOT receive day 2’s email until you open day 1. So make sure you’re opening the previous day’s daily email to ensure you receive the next day’s email.

    2. Still not getting those emails. What’s next?

    Check your spam and promotions folders and make sure you’ve whitelisted “”! If you’re still not receiving emails, email us: and we’ll get you sorted 🙂

    3. I missed a few days. Can I adjust the emails?

    In our automated email series, the next day’s email will only be sent once the previous day’s email has been opened by you. For example, you will not receive day 2’s email until after you’ve opened day 1. So if something comes up and you need a few days off of the program, you will not continue to receive emails! However, if 5 days have elapsed the system will assume you’re doing the program without opening your 30 DC daily emails and will then send the next daily email in 5-day increments.

  • Community Access & Log In:

    1. Help! I have no login- do I need one?

    Yes! You do need to log in, and as part of your registration process, you were prompted to create a username and password. But we get it, you’re excited to start running and sometimes we skip these things in our running quest. Email with a copy of your purchase receipt and we’ll manually add you to our community and give you access to the site!

    2. How do I access the site?

    Be sure to bookmark this page! You’ll be able to see all the programs The Run Experience has to offer as well as get direct access to the specific program you’ve purchased.

  • Website, Browser, & Mobile Issues

    1. I keep getting kicked out! And I’m doing EVERYTHING right, right?

    Sometimes we see browser issues when accessing all of our running video awesomeness. Make sure your browser is most up to date. It’s a good idea afterward to clear any cache/cookies so that your web viewing is most up to date.

    Further, make sure you have a good internet connection for optimal downloading and viewing.

    2. Hmmm…still having browser problems! Help?

    We have found Google Chome works optimally with our community site. So if all else fails, download this killer browser and you’ll be happily running and web surfing in no time!

    3. Can I access everything on my tablet or phone?

    Yes! The community site is completely mobile and tablet friendly. If you can access things easily on your laptop but not your mobile, follow the above steps for your mobile device and take another crack. That should fix most things.

  • Video Help:

    1. The videos are SLOW and my internet stinks. Any suggestions?

    Yes! For your viewing pleasure, all of our vimeo videos are in HD. But if you click on the HD button in the bottom right corner of the video you can turn HD off to get a lower resolution and faster streaming video!

    2. Can I download the videos?

    Yes! You CAN download the videos. Just click on the blue video title in the top left of the video and you’ll be taken to a Vimeo landing page. Click on the “download” tab furthest to the right below the video and you’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ in no time.

  • Social Media Community Help:

    1. Umm…where IS everyone? This IS a community, right?

    Both on our Community home page (of the 30DC) and in our “Welcome to the 30 DC Email” we provide a link to our totally killer private Facebook community. But in case you need it right now, here you go!

    2. Dudes, I’m not even ON Facebook. What can I do?

    We currently exclusively use Facebook for our community group access so we highly recommend starting a profile even if you solely use it to join our most excellent community of awesome runners! Of course, you’re more than welcome to reach out and share your successes with us via email too.

  • Program Access:

    1. How long do I have access again?

    If you have a Training Club subscription, you have access to all programs as long as you’re a member. If you have purchased a program separately, such as the 30 Day Challenge or the Injury Prevention Series, you have access to that program for life!

    2. How come I can’t access the Half Marathon program?

    If you only purchased a single program, you only have ongoing access to all the videos in that program and to our coach-supported Facebook group for an entire year. If you decide you want more awesome programming from us, you can purchase access to our Half Marathon (or Full Marathon) programs by joining the Training Club. Email us: and we’ll talk you through it 🙂

    3. I purchased the Half Marathon program, and I cannot access it. Help!

    On purchase, you should automatically be granted access to the HM program. On the off chance that it’s not working, email us: We’ll make sure you’re given the access you need to start logging those miles!

  • Running Injury Questions:

    1. I got hurt, what do I do? Or I am hurt right now, but not ready to start yet?

    We are here to help runners our there become strong, fast, and injury free. We know things come up so we are always happy to speak with you to make your experience with us the most rewarding and the most helpful. Email and we will happily walk you through your particular needs and situation.

    2. I can’t run yet (I’m injured), or I can’t follow the program to the letter, what do I do?

    First, we are glad you’re here and are looking to improve your strength, mobility, and running technique, some combination of which are most likely responsible for your injuries in the first place. Understand and TRUST the process (and believe that it IS one) of creating awareness, learning new movements, getting stronger, and slowly and patiently putting it together for stronger, more connected running!
    Remember, we are here to support you every step of the way and will happily suggest alternatives and modifications to any part of the plan. But if you cannot run, log in and do what you CAN do, i.e some of the strength work, mobility work, and even some of the stationary running drills. That way you’ll work on making solid improvements while at the same time helping expedite the healing of your injury!

    3. I’m injured, but I have a race (or long workout) this weekend. Should I still do it?

    Risk-free training does not exist, people! Own your problems and make smart choices weighing the short-term risks of racing now vs. being smart and getting to run all season.

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    4. I’m injured, and I don’t know what to do. Is it just bad luck? Do I sit and wait?

    Remember, we are all masters of our own destinies! Here’s our proactive approach to understanding why you’re getting injured, taking responsibility, and pursuing a course towards strength, health, and well-being.

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  • Mobility Questions:

    1. My hips are tight, and I’m doing ALL of the mobility! Shouldn’t I see more of a difference?

    Remember, mobility work is only half of the equation. Range of motion without learning how to stabilize your spine and maintain really good mechanics over long periods of time will only perpetuate your stiff areas and your ongoing aches and pains! Check out this video for a closer look at strength training that can be done to complement and support your mobility work.

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    2. What’s more important- stretching or foam rolling? And what do I do before my next run?

    Both are very important aspects of your daily mobility and self-care plan. Each, however, has a specific purpose. Watch this video to better understand what each can be used for.

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    3. What mobility tools should I use? There are so many! Help!

    There are a lot of different mobility tools out there. Once again, if you can understand the bigger picture of what we’re getting after, you’ll begin to understand that the particular tool comes down to personal preference and the specifics of the body part you want to address. Check out the link below for an in-depth look at using mobility tools for the lower leg. The way the tools are used can be applied to other body parts as well!

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  • Program Modification Questions:

    1. The strength workouts are too hard (or too easy). What should I do?

    First off, it’s important to start regular strength work. Period. Once you’ve accepted that into your life, we now need to find the right starting point. All of you are at different levels of strength so please understand that you will have to make modifications to the sets and reps or to the exercises themselves. Watch this video for some good examples of how we’d like to see you modify our strength exercises.

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    2. I’m really tight! And I can’t do certain exercises. What should I do instead?

    We all have a stiff ankle, hip, or shoulder. The strength and mobility work in the 30 Day Challenge is specifically designed to improve not only your strength but also your range of motion. Check out this video for some extra mobility exercises to incorporate into your DAILY training regimen. Practice makes permanent!

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    3. My work (and family) schedule is nuts. Can I move the workouts around? And if I do will I mess up my program?

    We all lead busy lives. We designed our programs to be as friendly and flexible as possible. Use the video below as an example of how a quick, EFFICIENT workout can get the job done! On strength training days, for example, adjust reps & rounds to match your allotted workout time and perform them at a slightly higher intensity or speed. Better to stick to the larger timeline by getting SOMETHING in, rather than nothing at all.

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  • Speed Questions:

    1. Should you include speed work as a new runner or as part of your marathon program?

    YES- runners should include some form of speed workout year round! Just know that the form and purpose of that speed work will change depending on your race, your running age, and the time of year.

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  • Nutrition Questions:

    1. What should I eat and when? And how do I even start?

    Here’s our approach towards nutrition. We have a simple and straightforward philosophy that will hopefully make as much sense to you as it does to us 🙂

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  • General Questions:

    1. How do I track my running improvements?

    First off, we think you guys will just KNOW when you’re better because running will feel easier and faster. For those of you dealing with injuries, success would be considered making improvements in that arena.

    We do ask you to remember and record the results of your first test day as you’ll repeat that same test on the last day of your program! This will provide solid, tangible evidence of the improvements you’ve made with us here at The Run Experience!

    In addition to tracking your overall improved running speed, check out the video below for a good way to compare your STRENGTH from the beginning of the program to the end!

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  • Shoe Questions:

    1. Are shoe blisters and holes in your shoes normal?

    In a word, no 🙂 Most of the time if we’re battling something with our shoes, it’s really because something is off with our running technique. Watch this video to better understand the role our running shoes play in our training!

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  • Breathing Questions:

    1. How do you connect your breathing with your running? This is hard!

    As soon as you really become aware of your breathing, it begins to feel a little strange and awkward. That’s totally normal! Also, when you are deliberately trying something new in your running, it’s again normal to hold your breath or for your breathing mechanics to suffer. Here’s a video on some simple tips you can use to reconnect your breathing with your running to iron out those wrinkles!

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