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Welcome to The Half Marathon Program

After establishing a solid running foundation with the 30 Day Challenge, we will continue to dig deeper on running mechanics, the importance of strength and movement, mobility, and how to manage and prevent the most common running injuries in the subsequent months especially as we build our volume and intensity!

Additionally, we will highlight different important lifestyle habits each week, offer mobility challenges, and how to rest and recover like the champion runners we all want to be!

We’ve all taken those first few steps with the 30 Day Challenge, but we still have a lot to explore, learn, and experience. So join us for our Half Marathon Program. Your next step to becoming a stronger, smarter, injury free runner!

Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Core Work & Restoration

Tuesday: Drill Run

Wednesday: Single Arm & Single Leg Strength Day

Thursday: Hill Intervals

Friday: Rest Nutrition & Mobility

Saturday: Long Run

Sunday: Fun Run

How do I get started?

The Half Marathon Program is a continuation of the work we all started with the 30 Day Challenge. If you haven’t done the 30DC, or if you want a refresher, click here to access.

That said expect to see more volume, more intensity, more challenging strength work, and focused time on important on your mobility, every day! This is for runners who want to step up their running game for 10km, 1/2 marathon, to marathon and beyond.

What’s my goal with the Half Marathon Program?

Building Distance 1 is the first of what will be four one month modules for a total of 16 weeks programming should you choose to keep with it. Each module comes with a downloadable “running roadmap” that provides a big picture view on weekly time commitments and (where specified) running mileage.


Training for a FULL Marathon or beyond? 

Check out our Marathon Training Program and you’ll be on your way towards that Marathon medal!

Regardless of your race ambitions, both our Half Marathon and Marathon training programs are for those runners who want the strength, speed, mobility, and technique work to handle longer distances without breaking down or falling apart. Just like the 30 Day Challenge, we want this program to be as scalable and as adjustable as possible to your individual running needs and plans regardless of what specific distances you’re running and when you’re running them.