Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge!

We’re pumped YOU are here. We have a great 30 days in store for you and we want you focused on what’s to come. STILL, we know that some of you have BIG running goals that extend WAY beyond this next month. It’s why we created Building Distance. With 4, 8, 12, and 16 week options you’ll be able to seamlessly extend your training with us after the 30 DC to get YOU ready for your 10km, 1/2 marathon, marathon, or dare we way it, ultra marathon! Click here to learn more!

 Weekly Schedule:

Below is our recommended weekly schedule. But remember you can start the 30 DC on any day that works for you!

Monday: Drill Run

Tuesday: Rest + Mobility

Wednesday: Strength Training

Thursday: Interval Run

Friday: Core Work

Saturday: Long Run

Sunday: Fun Run

30 Day Challenge Gear Essentials:

Other than your desire to run more, run better, and the commitment to stick with us for 30 days, you won’t need much!
Still, here are some key pieces of equipment we have found make every runner’s experience that much better. You’ll see and hear us reference these essentials and fun toys so here is where you can find them for yourself.


Running Shoes:

Always best to work with a local running store to find your fit and feel!

What should you look for?
Watch our video 3 Tips for Buying Running Shoes
Running Clothes:

Fancy and stylish? Or sweat wicking and light reflecting? Or better yet, your trusty cotton shirt and gym shorts? We’ve run in it all. Start with what you feel most comfortable and go from there!

Recomended Gear:

Metronome by Seiko for running pace & cadence practice. The BEST self-coaching tool around!
Foam Roller for mobility and recovery. We like the ones made here by Trigger Point, but any foam roller will do. Heck, even a rolling pin or wine bottle will work in a pinch!
Lacrosse ball or Tennis Ball for additional mobility exercises. Such simple but effective instruments for getting into body parts that foam rollers cannot!
Green Mobility “Monster” Band. We recommend choosing “#3 RF Green Band”. We’ll post additional videos but under bonuses we’ve showed our two FAVORITE hip stretches crucial for runners.