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“Training is like building a sandcastle. Each grain of sand is important, even if you can’t see them all.” – Alexi Pappas
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The Run Experience welcomes you to a two-week free program that’s going to change your running life.

Whether you’re here because you want help training for a race, are injured and want to finally break that seemingly endless cycle of training and injury, or you just want to shift to a healthier lifestyle – we’ve got the goods for you! We’re invested in building you up as an athlete so that you not only can compete better at races but also that you can compete better in life.

In just 2 short weeks, we’ll show you workouts and give you advice that will shift your perspective on what’s possible for your running, your strength, and taking care of your body. Our hope is that you’ll choose to join us in the Training Club and get yourself to the finish line time and time again.

If my goal is ...
what should I do?

  • I'm training for a race (or plan to)!

    Congrats, runner, for having a race in your future! No matter the distance, working towards a race is motivating and rewarding. Adding in the elements of this Quick Start will only give you an advantage through your training and on race day as your strength and mobility are put to work on the race course.

    There are a lot of places on the Internet you can get a race training program, and we’re excited that you chose to check out The Run Experience

    We’re going to demonstrate our philosophy for getting you ready to race. It’ll be more than just what running workout to do on a particular day. We’re also going to teach you about all those things that will not only get you ready for THIS race but will also keep you healthy for your NEXT race.

    • Form drills, including breathing
    • Strength work
    • Mobility exercises
    • Nutritional guidance

    When your race is over, we have programs to get you stronger and healthier between races. We have programs dedicated to Running Strength and Injury Prevention, even a 30 Day Challenge to keep you moving.

  • I'm here to get healthy & fit!

    Running is a wonderful activity that gets you moving and in the fresh air, so a big high five to you for starting! Feel light on your feet, strong in your body, and happy in your mind as you work through your first two weeks with us to lay a solid foundation. See what that “runner’s high” is that people talk about!

  • Help me... I'm hurt!

    Never fear! We are here to help you through your injury quickly and back to the thing you love doing – running!

    Some modifications may be necessary, but instead of feeling discouraged, feel empowered to learn new skills that will help you in the future. These two weeks will shed light on what has been missing from your training and what led to your injury in the first place.

    Maybe you have a little niggle that you’re looking to find that ONE silver bullet to “fix” you. Maybe you have a more significant injury that you need some help rehabbing.

    Here’s the thing about being injured – there’s always something you can do.

How We Work (out)

We’re not just some spreadsheet that tells you how many miles to run or how many burpees to do. You can get that sort of stuff just about anywhere on the internet. We take a comprehensive approach to you as a runner, an athlete, and a person.

We focus on building the athlete by helping you get stronger. We focus on building the runner by improving your running technique and building your endurance. We focus on building the person by teaching you mobility exercises to care for your body on the outside and nutritional guidance to care for your body on the inside.

Each week features three crucial aspects for improving your performance, your ability to beat injuries, and your ability to run more efficiently: A Run-focused workout, a Strength-focused workout, and a Mobility exercise or challenge to be done at the end of each of your workouts for that week. You can do both the run and strength workouts in one day, but we ideally recommend spreading these out.

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