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| Week 2

Week 2

Run Workout

  • Warm Up: 10 lateral lunges + 10 elbow touches. 10 mountain climbers + 10 downward dog pushups

    After ~5 minutes of tall focused running stop and work on the above. This warmup specifically targets your groin, your hamstrings, and your hips. Further, the downward dog pushups will get your core online, your upper body and shoulders primed, and your calves and ankles even more open.

  • Mainset: Pulling Drills + Form Sprints

    5 x 30”/30” of focusing on high pulls + form sprints. These pulls split the difference between a high knee and a butt kick. First 30” you will run slow but exaggerate these pulls. This will force you to run tall, to stabilize your hips, engage your core, and run light on your feet. Follow through with 30” of fast running, i.e. a form sprint. Run quickly but don’t overly strain* yourself or lose technique! Want an additional challenge? Run faster! Want additional feel and develop even stronger feet? Do this drill barefoot (on a soft grassy surface of course).

    After these drills continue your intended run for as long as you like focusing on light quick feet!

    *If you’re new to this start slow and ease into this type of running!

  • Cooldown: the Couch Stretch

    Try doing the couch stretch after both the run session and the strength session this week. Want to see even more change? Will hit this sucker every single day for week 2 for a “perfect” score!

    The number one mobility rule? Always associate the couch stretch with good things. Think end of day, latest Netflix on, and favorite drink in hand. Those 2-3 minutes per leg will fly right by!

    Change your hips, knees, and your “running life” with this all important every day must mobility move. Your ability to open and extend your hips freely, easily, and unimpeded is huge for your running! Tight hips are forced upon us by 21st century living… and are the equivalent of riding a bike with deflated tires. You can do it…it’s just not very efficient!

Strength Workout

  • Hollow Rock: 4-8 rounds of 20” hollow rocks. 10” rest.

    After learning the static hold, now you add movement and learn how to stay connected in the spine (the #1 challenge for core strength and stability is connection here). How many rounds can you do of good quality…without it falling apart?

  • Lunge & Burpee: As Many Rounds As Possible for 5 Minutes

    The highest number you reached in last week’s squat/pushup ladder will be the number of repetitions you get to do in each round for this week’s lunge burpee workout.

    For example, last week you reach round 6 of pushups and squats. That means this will you will perform 6 lunges (total so 3 per leg) and 6 burpees. If you reached round 9 of pushups and squats, that means you’ll perform 9 lunges (total) and 9 burpees.

    You will execute as many rounds of lunges and burpees as possible in 5 minutes!

  • How to Lunge!

    Lunges take your squatting up a notch with more focus on single leg strength, balance, and coordination. Not only will you feel it in those glutes and hips but you’ll be that much closer to develop strength and movement that translates nicely to your end game!

  • How to Burpee!

    We have a secret to share…burpees don’t deserve their reputation for punishment they deserve. In fact, done following these steps in this video they can be the ultimate teacher on efficient economical movement! And when you put one foot in front of the other A LOT learning how to do things more economically is on top of the list!