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Get Fast!

Many of us slog it out in comfortable or “comfortably hard” gear. While there’s nothing wrong running this way, IF we run here all the time it’s the only “gear” we develop.

Case in point, many ½ marathoners and marathoners get stuck on the dreaded performance plateau.

Fortunately, the solution is easy. All we need to do is spend time running faster, for shorter periods of time!
You with us?

Get FAST Workout!

Follow this run workout and you’ll immediately begin to develop those much needed running gears to chase down your friends, set that new PR, and strike fear into your competition.

Dynamic Warmup!

Easy run for 5-10 minutes with particular focus on running tall, with quick light feet, and deep breathing.

Follow the dynamic running warmup from the Get Moving! page.


Terminology: RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion. This means you are learning to estimate your effort level on a scale of 1 to 10. Don’t worry if you mess up initially… you’ll get better as you do this, and it will greatly improve your ability to race with an even pace. (Although even pace doesn’t mean even effort!)

Run this descending ladder:

Run 4 minutes at an RPE of 6/10 (this should feel slightly harder than normal pace). Rest 1 minute.

Run 3 minutes at an RPE of 7/10. Rest 1 minute.

Run 2 minutes at an RPE of 8/10. Rest 1 minute.

Run 1 minute at an RPE of 9/10. Rest 1 minute.

Repeat 2-3x.


NOTES: Start conservative the first round. The goal is to increase speed on each subsequent interval. As you get more comfortable, you’ll increase your confidence and ability to hold the higher intensities for longer periods of time!


Next Level:

IF you want to get really serious. You’ll test your current running speed with a 10 minute time trial. After a few weeks of intervals, go ahead and try that 10 minute time trial again. You’ll be amazed at the big differences you can make in even a few weeks time.

Cooldown (Don’t skip this part!!)

Easy run and walk for 5 minutes.

Finish with 1-2 mobility exercises based on the Get Moving! page.