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| Go Longer!

Go Longer!

Getting better as a runner means consistently pushing your comfort barrier. We do that with technique work, strength training, speed work, and most importantly with distance work.

In fact, there’s nothing more rewarding than running just a little bit further than what you previously did the week before!

But you have to do it right. That means running smart and safe so you can master the real secret to running better (psst…it’s consistency!). So start with a distance that’s comfortable, that you can knock out in your sleep. Now add 1 mile to that. The goal is to keep adding 1 mile per week for a few weeks, then returning to the original distance to give your body a break, then building up again for a few more weeks.

Dynamic Warmup!

Yes you have miles to tick off today but resist the urge to stiffly plunge headlong into this workout. Running with a friend or group? BE THAT PERSON and make everyone stop to join in on your dynamic warmup. Who knows…you just might like it!

The Breakdown:

Today’s all about connecting with your breath and your pace and connecting the two together. That’s right you want to think about breathing in for a certain number of steps, and breathing out for a certain number of steps, usually in the 3-5 range.

IF you have to breathe in and out every 1 step, then you’re running too fast and need to slow it down 🙂 The RPE on this run should start out at 4-5/10 effort.

Don’t Check Out!

Every 5 minutes of your long run check in on your posture, your breathing, and your cadence. Are you staying smooth and connected? Or are things falling off the rails?

Don’t be afraid of the occasional short walking break to mentally and physically reset your running!


Targeting an upcoming race? Or tired of just “surviving” your long runs?

It’s true you cannot start these long runs slow enough, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to skip out on the fast stuff altogether.

Finish each long run targeting your race pace for the last 10 minutes, eventually building to 15, 20, and 30 minutes as the race gets closer.



What you think you’re done? THIS is where most runners mess up. Don’t be like everyone else and cooldown and mobilize like the PRO that you want to become!

After a 3-5 minute of easy walking/running STOP for some much needed mobility, hydration, and refueling!

You can follow some of the dynamic exercises that feel good, you can grab a foam roller for some light stretching and mobilizing.