Marathon Program

April 20th Tuneup

April 20th Tuneup


The run goal this week is consistency. Keeping a consistent pace from the first to the last intervals and holding on to that pace.

Your Workout: 

5 Rounds

    • 1 minute run @ 8/10 effort, or your 5K goal pace.
    • Rest 1 minute (walk or light jog)

1 Round

    • 5 minute run @ 7/10 effort, or your 10K goal pace.
    • Rest 3 minutes by walking or jogging

    Challenge: Do this sequence 2 times through



    Working on that mid-line and stability through a range of dynamic movements.

    Your Workout:

    3-5 Rounds

      • 10 shoulder tap push-ups (right thumb to right shoulder, left thumb to left shoulder, push-up)
      • 10 overhead squats with PVC pipe, barbell, or weight plate (start light and build from there)
      • 10 arch body rocks 

    Rest as needed between rounds

    Push-up modification for beginners: Try going down fully extended and come up from the knees

    Arch body rocks for advanced athletes: Arms extended overhead.

    Arch body rocks for beginner athletes: hands on ground by ribs


    Sometimes we forget that our legs aren’t the only things working for us! Grab your foam roller and a lacrosse ball (or anything similar in size & density) because we are giving our upper body some love!

    We are working on the thoracic spine, shoulders and beyond

      • Begin by warming up for a few minutes on the foam roller. The wider surface area will help get your back muscles primed to be more receptive to the intense mobility work to follow.
      • Use the lacrosse ball to work deeper into specific tight areas you came across during the foam rolling. Spend at least 2 minutes on each spot, moving the arm side to side or up and down to create change in the tissue *keep the elbow extended but not locked

    Prescription: Add this thoracic tissue work into your routine a few times this week for some noticeable change in your posture, lingering back pain, and/or overhead range of motion.

    Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!