Marathon Program

August 7th Tuneup Workouts!

August 7th Tuneup Workouts!



2 minutes of jump rope.

  • 1 minute on two feet
  • 30 seconds on right leg
  • 30 seconds on left leg

Run Drill:

10 X 400 Meter Challenge

Choose your course for a 400 meter run. This can be one lap around a track or something equal to about a quarter of a mile.

You will run 400 meters for time (this should be a hard effort, but by no means an all out sprint).

Rest for 2 minutes.

Run 400 meters again for time.

For every second you were “off” from your original time (+ or -), you will perform a burpee.

Ex: If you ran your first 400 meters in 2:15 and the second 400 meters in 2:12, you’ll do 3 burpees.

Burpees should be done immediately after the run.

Rest for 2 minutes.

Repeat for 8 more rounds, tacking your burpee penalty to the end of each run.

Mobility Exercise:

3 minutes legs up on the wall.

2 minutes (per side) quad foam roll.

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10 alternating lunge + push up + spinal twist.


7 Day Plank + Wall Sit Challenge!

This week we’re going to hit a new version of a 1-minute plank hold, each day.

Day 1: Straight Arm Plank

Day 2: Shoulder Taps

Day 3: Straight Arm Side Plank (1 minute per side)

Day 4: Alternating Elbow Plank To Straight Arm Plank

Day 5: Straight Arm Plank With One Leg Off (30 seconds each leg off)

Day 6: Straight Arm Plank With One Arm Off (30 seconds each arm off)

Day 7: Super Plank

Each day after accumulating your 1 minute plank:

Max time wall sit.

  • Aim to add 3-5 seconds, each day!

Mobility Exercise:

Downward dog + calf pedal

  • 2 minutes alternating hold with calf pedal

Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!

Bonus Challenge

Bonus Mobility:

Elevated hamstring stretch with breathing.

  • 10 repetitions per leg, matching inhales and exhales to contraction and release

Bonus Strength:

3-4 sets, not for time.

Single arm weighted overhead squats (with dumbbell).

  • 8-10 per side (increase weight each round as long as movement can be controlled)

Alternating single leg glute bridge raises.

  • 20 reps total