Marathon Program

December 10th Tuneup

December 10th Tuneup


In order to run fast, you’ve got to run fast!

Your Workout: 

  • 400 meter run (~.25 miles if not on a track) at an 8-9/10 perceived effort
  • Rest 2-3 minutes. You can walk, jog or stand still (only if you need to).
  • Repeat for 6 to 8 rounds, depending on desired difficulty of workout.

*Remember: higher speed tends to come with a greater risk of injury. Put lots of value into your warm-up and hang onto that proper run form, start to finish!

Here are some fun warm-up ideas.


What better way to build speed than with power and explosiveness?

Your Workout: 

  • For distance: 10 long jumps to or past a target on the ground
  • For height: 10 high jumps up to or past a target on the wall
  • For height & distance: 10 box jump overs
  • Repeat everything for 3-4 rounds, resting as needed.


  • Land as softly as you can. An engaged core will help.
  • Keep knees behind toes on all take-offs and landings.
  • Use your arms and hips to generate max power!
  • If a hard box is too daunting, use something softer or lower as your object to jump over.

Bonus Challenge

Time to re-test that plank hold!

Hold your best plank for as long as you can. Record (and share) your time.

Challenge yourself to a few attempts this week. Remember to try it at different times: once before a workout, once after, once on a rest day, etc.

Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!