Marathon Program

February 18th Tuneup

February 18th Tuneup


Your goal this week is consistency! Do you have the stamina to hold on? Better yet, are you in tune enough with your body to manage fatigue with speed?

Your Workout:

10 x 400-meter (~.25 miles) run

Take 2 minutes rest between runs.

The catch: You can use either the clocked time of your first run OR set a time goal (for more advanced runners) for your base 400-meter run time. In each remaining round, for every second you’re off that base time (faster OR slower), you will perform that many burpees during your rest period.

Example: If I run my first 400 meters in 1:50 and the second in  1:47, I’ll do 3 burpees during the rest before my third round.


We’re “taking our medicine” this week with some focused single-leg work. The stronger we can get our legs individually, the better off we’ll be in our running and more importantly, the longer we will last without injury.

Your Workout:

  • 10 hops forward and back over line on right leg
  • 10 hops forward and back over line on left leg
  • 10 squats on right leg
  • 10 squats on left leg
  • 10 calf raises right leg
  • 10 calf raises left leg
  • 10 high skips on right leg
  • 10 high skips on left leg
  • Rest as needed.
  • Repeat the above for 4 total rounds.

Bonus Challenge

We’re getting upside down! Don’t panic 🙂

As athletes, supporting ourselves upside down can provide a lot of benefit to our bodies! Getting the blood flowing in the other direction helps get some inflammation out of the legs and feet, improves our posture as well as resets and increases our natural circulation patterns. Plus, we’ll get to directly strengthen a stable shoulder position and our core for improved running form.

Your Mission:

Accumulate 3 minutes 3 different times this week in one of the following positions:

  • Downward dog with feet up on raised surface
  • Handstand or modified inversion against wall (can face toward or away)
  • Handstand with a partner supporting you
  • Freestanding handstand (for you pros out there!)

Rest as needed, as you accumulate your 3 minutes. Remember to breathe! A big inhale before coming back up to standing will help minimize the “blood rush feeling” to your head.

Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!