Marathon Program

January 6th Tuneup

January 6th Tuneup


    • 10 side lunges each leg
    • 10 squat jumps
    • 30 seconds bent-over spinal twists


Your Workout:

Early hills, late volume.

Your job this week is to spend 30 minutes running hills. I won’t make it too specific, but spend some time either running consistent hills or even doing some sort of moderate-intensity hill repeats.

After getting good and tired from the hills, run on the flats for 30+ minutes.

Goal: Run the flat ground on fatigued legs and try to hold what is a normal pace!

Notes: This is a way for you to experience late-stage fatigue without needing to run all the volume necessary to get to late-stage.


Stop yourself 0.5 miles (0.8k) or 5-10 minutes before getting back to where you will end your run and walk it in.

Note: A lot of us are in a rush however, this is a very simple trick you can use to get some time to cool down and will help you in the long haul!



Full-Body Warm-up Sequence:

5 Rounds

    • good morning
    • squat
    • walkout to plank
    • push-up
    • walk back to forward bend


Your Workout:

3 Rounds

    • 40 seconds weighted split squats each leg
    • 40 seconds unsupported single arm bent over row each arm
    • 40 seconds deadbug (keep low back flat on the ground!)



    • 2-3 minutes on each side distal quad massage with LAX ball



Use this mobility move to spice up your week. This can be done any day and should not make you sore for running!

Your Mission:

    • 2-3 minutes pigeon hold (+ heel pull on last minute)



3 Rounds

    • 60 seconds hip flexor isolation (single leg lift hold for 20 seconds each leg, hold for 20 seconds in a double lift)
    • 8 side squats per leg(hold for 5 seconds at the “bottom”)
    • 10 push-up + 5 seconds arm raise


Note: Move methodically through the 3 rounds. Not something you should be breathing hard on! Smooth strength training.

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