Marathon Program

January 7th Tuneup

January 7th Tuneup


It’s the best of both worlds as we combine hill sprints with a short tempo run. This one will teach you a lot about your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete.

Your Workout:

  • 5 x 30-second hill sprint @ 9/10 perceived effort
  • Your rest between intervals is your walk/jog back down the hill (1-2 minutes).
  • 1 x 10-minute flat tempo run @ 7/10 perceived effort
  • 3 minutes of total recovery/rest

You will then repeat everything above one more time through

A Few Notes:

  • You should aim to use a hill with a 5-8% gradient or something “runnable at a hard effort” for 30 seconds.
  • Your tempo runs should be done on something relatively flat in comparison with the hill.
  • To clarify: after your 5th hill interval and rest, you’ll go straight into the tempo run.


Two super important movements for all runners to have in their back pocket.

In combination, they make for a great supplementary workout to be sprinkled in a few times throughout the week.

The Weighted Single Leg Deadlift:

  • Great for building core stability and balance
  • Helps to accentuate a strong, forward hip position for your running
  • Targets hamstrings and glutes specifically

The Goblet Squat:

  • Great for building upper body endurance for running
  • Targets core, upper back, quads and glutes

Your Workout:

  • 10 weighted single leg deadlifts per leg
  • 15 goblet squats
  • 1-minute rest
  • Repeat for 3 total rounds.
  • Choose a modest weight to begin with and work upward as form allows.


Running is a single-leg sport! So, let’s treat it as such.

Your Challenge:

  • Stand on one slightly bent leg, hinging slightly forward from the hips.
  • With a flat back and tight core, transport a light weight from one extended arm to the other.
  • Aim to pass the weight 10 times on each leg.

Use this as a stability exercise before or after your next run!

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