Marathon Program

July 15th Tuneup

July 15th Tuneup


We are teaching our bodies to fight through fatigue with a progression run. We will start at an easy pace.

Your workout:

20 minute run, increasing the speed every 5 minutes

    • Minutes 0-5: 5/10 perceived effort (how hard the speed feels to you on a scale from 1-10)
    • Minutes 5-10: 6/10 perceived effort
    • Minutes 10-15: 7/10 perceived effort
    • Minutes 15-20: 8/10 perceived effort

*Optional* minutes 20-25: cool down @ 5/10 perceived effort

As always, remember to warm up and cool down appropriately. Feel free to pull from this week’s bonus section as a resource.



We’re working across all planes of the body this week. Fair warning… you may be sore all over!

Your Workout:

3-5 Rounds

    • 10 (per leg) single leg glute bridge raises
    • 10 (per leg) pistol squats off box (or on ground for more advanced athletes)
    • 20 (total) bicycle crunches
    • 30-second reverse plank hold
    • 1 minute rest


Bonus Challenge

Use these two favorites as you see fit throughout the week. Remember to be patient and try them out more than once!

Your Workout:

3 minutes total:

    • Start in a low squat using elbows to push your knees out
    • From the squat, kick left leg out to the side, pause, and take some deep breaths.  Repeat on the other side moving slowly from side to side

*If you can’t find a lot of depth here (be it from lack of ankle mobility, tight hips or something else) feel free to hang onto a post for stability.

2 minutes on each side:

    • Low lunge stretch (knee on or off the ground) with a spinal twist. Pause in that twist for some deep breaths. Our goal is a “release” sensation through the hip flexors, spine, and abdominals.


Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!