Marathon Program

July 29th Tuneup

July 29th Tuneup


Let’s take our running form back!

We’ll use drills and your perceived effort to get you back to running strong at a variety of speeds. Remember: your form is only as good as your ability to apply it to both your slowest and your fastest pace.

Your Workout:

5 rounds increasing run effort by 1/10 each round:

*Example: Round 1 perceived effort at 5/10 (shown below), Round 2 30-second run at 6/10 perceived effort, and Round 5 ends at a 9/10 perceived effort.

    • 30 seconds of high knees immediately into 30-second run @ 5/10 perceived effort (how hard your run feels to you on a scale from 1-10)
    • 30 seconds of butt kicks immediately into 30-second run @ 5/10 perceived effort
    • 30 seconds of high skips immediately into 30-second run @ 5/10 perceived effort
    • 1-minute rest



How optimally are your individual legs working for you when you run? Let’s find out!

Your Workout:

3-5 rounds for quality, not for time:

    • 10 reps/side single-leg deadlifts (Option to make them weighted if your form allows- meaning a nice strong core and a flat back.)
    • 10 reps/side single-leg hops forward and back
    • 10 reps/side single-leg hops side to side
    • 30-60 seconds/side overhead weighted single-leg balance

*Up for a challenge during the overhead weighted single-leg balance?  Try closing your eyes, changing your focus to the ceiling/sky, or switching arms/legs


Bonus Challenge

Time to test that plank!

How long can you hold a QUALITY plank for? 

Keys to a perfect plank:

    • Stack the wrists under the shoulders in a perfect vertical line
    • Stabilize the shoulders by keeping fingers and elbow pits pointed forward
    • Squeeze your glutes
    • Pull your belly button in toward your spine
    • Take any last tension out of your neck and shoulders
    • Start the clock!


Try this a couple of times this week – maybe once before a run, once after, once on a rest day. Write down your best time and we will re-test this in a few weeks!

Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!