Marathon Program

June 12th Tuneup Workouts!

June 12th Tuneup Workouts!



6 x 100m Run

• Run with stable arm drill for first 40m

• As a time domain, perform 0:10 Stable Arm Drill + 0:20 Ez Run

• Between each 100m run, perform 8 Reverse Lunges + 5 Leg Swings

Run Workout:

Mental Check In

Choose a day this week that you planned on having a smooth, consistent effort.

Now, instead of just zoning out for the 30-60 minutes you planned on running, try this:

At the 5:00 mark, and every 5 minute interval following, spend 1 minute just thinking about your running form.

This could be things like:

• Posture

• Cadence

• Arm Swing

• Breathing

• Torso Rotation

• Etc, Etc

• This is something you should be doing anyways, but today is an added focus day. These focus sessions become more and more relevant the longer you are out and/or the more you are fatigued. So be sure to make this a habit!

Mobility Exercise:

This is what I do after every, single, run.

Immediately following your run, untie your shoes and perform:

• 3 Minute EZEZ Jog

• 5 Minute Walk

• 20 Leg Swings

• Loaded Toe Extension (as much as you want)

• 10 Slow Air Squats

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10 MTN Climbers

10 Table Top Shoulder Extensions

10 Air Squats

10 Strict Presses (Light DBs)


4 Rounds

1:00 DB Thrusters

400m Run (or 2:00)


• This is a workout where we work on both pacing and active recovery capacity.

• Your goal in this workout is to get as many reps as you can in the 1:00 of Thruster, then run a 400m (or 2:00) as your “rest” between the rounds.

• Successful execution of this would result in consistent reps in the Thrusters and consistent times (or distances) in the 400m/2:00.

Mobility Exercise:

10 Lunge Drop To Pigeon Hold (5 each direction)

• 10-20 second pause in Pigeon

Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!

Bonus Challenge

Bonus Mobility:

LAX Glutes

• 3-5 minutes each

Bonus Strength:

3 Sets

• 1 Slow Motion Man Maker

• 2 90/90 Hip Rotation + Hamstring Extension (each leg)

• 50-70 Single Leg Single Under (each leg)

• This could also be 1:30 effort per leg

• 4 Single Leg DB Deadlifts (each leg)