Marathon Program

June 1st Tuneup

June 1st Tuneup

Heads up Runners!

The Weekly Running Tuneup has moved into its new home in our app. This will be the last week we post it here!

You can find this week’s workouts in the app already! Click here to download!


In order to run fast, you’ve got to run fast!

Your Workout:

3 – 5 Rounds

    • 60 seconds run @ 7/10 perceived effort
    • 60 seconds rest
    • 50 seconds run @ 8/10 perceived effort
    • 50 seconds rest
    • 40 seconds run @ 9/10 perceived effort
    • 40 seconds rest
    • 30 seconds run @ 10/10 perceived effort
    • 2 minutes rest




You’re giving it all you’ve got for 15 minutes. Set your timer and move through these 4 cardio-intensive movements at a speed you can control and breathe through.

Your Workout:

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. 

    • 15 jump squats
    • 30 Russian twists (15 each side)
    • 30 ice/speed skaters (15 each direction)
    • 15 burpees



    • Start conservatively and build from there.
    • Pace this workout as you would pace your long run.
    • Keep track of your breaks.
    • The goal = no breaks and good form.




Let’s work those obliques!

Why? Because your obliques play a big role in your overall core strength, the stabilization of the lumbar spine, and controlling the rotation of the upper body when you run.

Your Mission:

While in Side Plank

    • 10 plank twist reach-throughs into a hip dip (each side)


Notes: Keep your belly and butt tight here. If you find your hips/butt behind you and not in a straight line from head to toe, squeeze your glutes and push your hips forward.


We challenge you to do this 5 different times this week!


Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!