Marathon Program

March 23rd Tuneup

March 23rd Tuneup


We are teaching our bodies to fight through fatigue with a progression run. We will start at an easy pace.

Your Workout:

As always, remember to warm up and cool down appropriately. Feel free to pull from this week’s bonus section as a resource.

20-minute run, increasing the speed every 5 minutes

    • Minutes 0-5 run at a perceived effort of 5 out of 10 (how hard the speed feels to you on a scale from 1-10)
    • Minutes 5-10 run at a perceived effort of 6/10
    • Minutes 10-15 run at a perceived effort of 7/10
    • Minutes 15-20 run at a perceived effort 8/10

*Optional* minutes 20-25: cool down @ 5/10 perceived effort



We’re working across all planes of the body this week. Fair warning… you may be sore all over!

Your Workout:

3-5 Rounds

    • 10 (per leg) single leg glute bridge raises
    • 10 (per leg) pistol squats off a box (or on the ground for more advanced athletes)
    • 20 (total) bicycle crunches
    • 30-second reverse plank hold
    • 1-minute rest



Use these two favorites as you see fit throughout the week. Remember to be patient and try them out more than once!

Your Workout:

3 minutes total

    • Start in a low squat using elbows to push your knees out
    • From the squat, kick left leg out to the side, pause, and take some deep breaths.  Repeat on the other side moving slowly from side to side

Notes: If you can’t find a lot of depth here (be it from lack of ankle mobility, tight hips or something else) feel free to hang onto a post for stability and reach out to us for modifications or ideas on some extra mobility to get you there!

2 minutes on each side

    • Low lunge stretch (knee on or off the ground) with a spinal twist. Pause in that twist for some deep breaths. Our goal is a “release” sensation through the hip flexors, spine, and abdominals.

A special note: With the current social distancing order, we challenge YOU to take extra care in your mobility routine by trying this Bonus Mobility Challenge every day!

We would love to see your results (i.e. pics and videos) on this week’s Bonus Mobility Challenge in our private Facebook Group! This Facebook Group is your team! Be sure to reach out to your team with any questions, concerns, and comments!