Marathon Program

March 2nd Tuneup

March 2nd Tuneup



    • 10 leg swing + lunge (each side)
    • 10 grounded ankle circles (each direction, each foot)


Run Workout:

*Perform this after a normal distance easy run for mid-week.*

Hill Running focusing on your technique

6 Sets

    • 1:00 run uphill
    • run downhill


Mobility Exercise:

    • 10 each leg deep lunge + hamstring drive




    • 20 mountain climbers increasing speed after the first 10.


Strength Workout Explanation:

High-intensity option day! If you are not actively doing 2+ running workouts a week right now, do this at high-intensity. Otherwise, just cruise through the workout and focus on consistency.

Strength Workout:

Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes:

    • 200m run (or 1:00)
    • max reps DB reverse lunges in the remaining time.

Rest 3 minutes

Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes:

    • 200m run (or 1:00)
    • max reps dumbell thrusters

Notes: At the start of the workout, and every two minutes after that, perform a 200m run, then use the remaining time before the next run to accumulate either lunges or thrusters.  At the 2 minute mark, stop doing whatever you’re doing and run 200m. See how many reps you can get in!

Mobility Exercise:

    • 2-3 minutes each side of calf massage while circling the ankle to really get in those tissues. Use DBs from the workout.



Bonus Mobility:

    • 2:00-3:00 elevated pigeon hold + breathing!


Bonus Strength:

3-4 Sets, not for time:

    • 1:00 each leg weighted single-leg hops
    • 8 goblet squats with a 3-second pause at the bottom.
    • 10 breath hollow body hold.


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