Marathon Program

March 9th Tuneup

March 9th Tuneup


Sometimes you’ve just gotta face your challenges head-on. That means spending some time at your top-end speed.

Your Workout: 


5 minutes easy jogging.

Main set:

*Challenge yourself to keep moving during each recovery/rest

3 Rounds

    • 30 seconds run at 8/10 perceived effort (your speed is based on how hard the running feels to you on a scale of 1-10. 1 being easy like sitting on the couch and 10 being your all-out sprint effort)
    • 1-minute recovery jog/power walk

2 minutes rest

3 Rounds

    • 30 second run at 9/10 perceived effort
    • 1-minute recovery jog/power walk

2 minutes rest

3 Rounds

    • 30 second run at 10/10 (everything you’ve got left!) perceived effort
    • 1-minute recovery jog/power walk


5 minutes easy jog/walk



The goal here is to get as many reps done as possible in the allotted time. All while keeping the best form you can!

3 Rounds

    • 1-minute inchworm burpees
    • 1-minute rest

3 Rounds

    • 45 seconds glute bridge raises (Looking for a challenge? Try this move one leg at a time.)
    • 45 seconds rest

3 Rounds

    • 30 seconds sit-ups
    • 30 seconds rest

Notes: Repeat this entire series 1-2 more times, as you see fit! Rest at least 2 minutes before starting over.



Get those mobility tools out! You’re going to need them after those speedy workouts.

Step 1

    • 3 minutes/side calf smash (Get into the tissues of those calves with your favorite roller, coffee mug, lacrosse ball, broomstick or whatever you’ve got lying around!)

Step 2

    • 1-2 minutes in downward dog. Try pedaling out the feet for a stretch in those calves AND hamstrings.

Need some extra loving on those hamstrings and quads? Try these out:

    • 2-3 minutes/side hamstring floss while in low lunge (try extending your leg then bending back down in the lunge to get an added hip flexor stretch.
    • 2-3 minutes/side leg up on a box concentrating on breathing and hinging only at the hips
    • 2-3 minutes/side couch stretch (our favorite!)

Don’t forget to breathe!

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