Marathon Program

May 25th Tuneup

May 25th Tuneup

Heads up Runners!

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It’s a good week for a tempo run!

If you are new to this concept, don’t worry. This is a great introduction to “speed work” or learning to sustain a speed higher than that of your usual long-run slog. Specifically, we will get your body used to handling a higher heart rate and cadence for a longer period of time.

Your Workout:

40 minutes of running total

    • 10 minute run @ “warm-up” pace or @ 5/10 perceived effort
    • 20 minute run @ 7/10 perceived effort
    • 10 minute run @ “cool down” pace or 5/10 perceived effort

Notes: There are no recovery breaks between sections. Move immediately from warm-up to the main set to cool down.




Let’s get strong.

No, we’re not just talking about getting a good sweat in. We’re talking about building strength for stronger, more efficient running.

You’ll need a set of heavy-ish dumbbells. Pick a weight you can control but, heavier than you’d normally grab for a circuit workout. 

Your Workout:

4 Rounds

    • 5-8 dumbbell deadlifts
    • 5-8 squat-to-overhead-press with dumbbells
    • 10 (5 per side) plank rows with dumbbells

Notes: Focus on good form. Rest as needed between sets.

Want a “cardio” version? Grab lighter dumbbells, increase reps to 15 per movement, and shorten the rests.





Checking in on our core strength with a Plank challenge!

 Your Mission:

Make 3 attempts this week at a plank hold for max time.

Plank Hold Reminders:

    • Don’t forget to breathe
    • Shoulders stacked over the wrists.
    • Screw elbow pits forward so that shoulders and lats can provide support.
    • Squeeze belly and butt tight.
    • Don’t forget to breathe.
    • Don’t let hips drop.
    • Keep chin neutral and in line with the spine.




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