Marathon Program

November 11th Tuneup

November 11th Tuneup


We’re putting extra focus into our warm-up this week! These drills will be key in ensuring good form for your run.

The Drills:

3 Rounds

    • 30 seconds of quick feet into high knees
    • 30 seconds of butt kicks
    • 30 seconds of high skips (or quick skips)
    • 30 seconds of cariocas in one direction
    • 30 seconds of cariocas in the other direction


Your Workout:

After your warm-up and drills, you will run for 20-30 minutes at a 6/10 perceived effort strictly focusing on form. Have fun!

Note: If you are new, your perceived effort is a scale from 1 being the easiest, i.e. sitting on a couch, and 10 being your max effort breathing heavy and can’t talk.



You’ve got a 16-minute EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workout this week. 4 movements and 4 chances to practice!

Your Workout:

Set a 16-minute clock. At the top of each minute you will complete the reps for one movement. After completing the reps for that movement, any remaining seconds in the minute are your rest. At the top of the next minute, you’ll go on to complete the reps for the next movement.

16 minutes = 4 Rounds

    • @ clock start: Complete 10 push-ups to single-arm plank
    • @ 1 minute: Complete 10 happy stars
    • @ 2 minutes: Complete 20 banded squats
    • @ 3 minutes: Complete 30 quick steps (15 each leg)


You should have at least 20 seconds of rest within each minute. If you don’t, cut the reps down. If you are getting over 30 seconds of rest, add a few reps to make it more challenging.



It’s been a month. Let’s re-test that plank hold!

Your Test:

We are following the usual cues for good form (squeeze your butt, elbow pits pointing forward, and brace your belly) and adding a core stability challenge by holding the plank on 1 arm. Time your max single-arm plank hold a few different times this week. Try it one day before a workout, one day at the end of a workout, and once on a rest day to see your best results. Post your results in the WRT Facebook group or in the community section of our app!

Bonus points for photo or video 🙂