Marathon Program

November 18th Tuneup

November 18th Tuneup


Two main things to focus on this week: top-end speed and efficient recoveries.

In other words, can you hit your highest speed but, control your breathing enough to stay in a jog (as opposed to a complete stop or walk) between intervals?

Your Workout:

As always, start with a quality warm-up and finish with a solid cool-down. 

2-3 Rounds

    • 60 seconds run @ 7/10 perceived effort
    • 30 seconds jogging recovery
    • 50 seconds run @ 8/10 perceived effort
    • 40 seconds jogging recovery
    • 40 seconds run @ 9/10 perceived effort
    • 50 seconds jogging recovery
    • 30-seconds run @ 10/10 perceived effort
    • 60-seconds jogging recovery
    • 40-seconds run @ 9/10 perceived effort
    • 50-seconds jogging recovery
    • 50-seconds run @ 8/10 perceived effort
    • 40-seconds jogging recovery
    • 60-seconds run @ 7/10 perceived effort
    • 30-seconds jogging recovery




Grab a workout buddy for this one! Your buddy doesn’t have to be at the same athletic level as you because we’ve got modification options for all the movements. 🙂

Your Workout:

Equipment needed: 1 medicine ball (preferably 10+ lbs)

3 Rounds

    • 15 per side Russian twists with medicine ball (30 total for each person)
    • 5 per side push-up + high five (10 total for each person)
    • 15 per side squat + lateral medicine ball throw (30 total for each person)
    • 30 varied leg tosses per person




There’s never a bad time for the couch stretch! Consider this one of your most powerful tools in opening up your hip flexors, as well as releasing the quads and smaller muscles around the knees.

This one will also set you up for better form on your next run…a.k.a. less room for injury!

Your Mission:

Grab something cushioned to put under your supporting knee (a mat, towel or piece of clothing will work fine). You’ll also need a wall, couch, or bench. 

    • 2 minutes per leg in one of the 3 variations of the couch stretch


Note: If one variation starts to feel “easier”, challenge yourself to take a stab at one of the other variations for a deeper stretch.