Marathon Program

November 4th Tuneup

November 4th Tuneup


Let’s crush some hills, and squash our fear of them while we’re at it. We’ve got this!

Your Workout:

Before you start, spend 10 minutes on a quality warm-up, including a light jog and dynamic drill of choice. Find a long “runnable” hill if outdoors or, if on a treadmill, start with a 5% incline.  If you need an additional challenge, work your way up to an 8% incline for the last round.

2 – 3 Rounds

    • 3-minute run up the hill @ 5/10 perceived effort
    • Recover in a walk/jog back downhill (~2 minutes)
    • 2-minute run up the hill @ 6/10 perceived effort
    • Recover in a walk/jog back downhill (~2 minutes)
    • 1-minute run up the hill @ 7/10 perceived effort
    • Recover in a walk/jog back downhill (~2 minutes)




Talk about a full-body workout! 9 is the lucky number, this week.

Your Workout:

3-5 Rounds

    • 9 weighted squats: 3 regular, 3 tempo (3 seconds down, 1 second up), 3 with a hold at the bottom for 1 breath
    • 9 (per side) single-leg box jumps
    • 9 tricep dips
    • 9 (per side) leg raises in a side plank
    • 9 (per side) alternating plank rows
    • Rest as needed


Notes: For an advanced workout, try grabbing a set of dumbbells for the alternating plank row and be sure not to move those hips!

Don’t forget to mobilize afterward to refresh and help recover!



We’re building stability through the core, hips, feet, and ankles using an unstable surface.

Your Mission:

    • Create an unstable surface that’s not dangerously high off the ground. A folded up yoga mat or towel is perfect.
    • Standing on the surface, accumulate 5 single-leg toe touch + standing core twists on each leg.
    • Try this barefoot and focus on spreading your toes and big toe activation for maximum balance work.
    • Do this a few times this week! You’ll get more comfortable with each rep.


Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!