Marathon Program

October 15th Tuneup

October 15th Tuneup


This week we’re working on building control over your speed and effort, all within the same interval. We’ll call it a progression run. This is one of our favorites for teaching runners how to manage their breathing based on the demands of the speed, without needing to rest at every change.

Your Workout:

5 X 2 Minute Interval

Each interval:

30 seconds at 6/10 perceived effort (should feel like 60% of whatever YOUR max all-out sprint would be)

1 minute at 8/10 perceived effort (should feel like 80% of whatever YOUR max all-out sprint would be)

30 seconds at 6/10 perceived effort (you know the drill)

1 minute walk/jog to recover

You’ve got 5 rounds of that total.


All about tying a strong core to good movement standards this week. Take the baseline you build from the “bird dog push up” into both your step ups and box jumps for an efficient and injury-preventing strength circuit.

Your Workout:

10 (5 each side) X elevated push up to alternating bird dog (opposite arm and leg raise simultaneously off surface)

*for a more advanced version, do that on the ground, NOT elevated.

10 X box/bench step up

10 x box/bench jumps

~1 minute rest

Repeat twice more for 3 total rounds.

Bonus Mobility

We’ve spiced up this week’s mobility with a little extra core work.

Start with:

A slow alternating runner’s lunge stretch gradually building in speed to become alternating mountain climbers.

Aim for 20 total.

Finish with:

Standing dynamic shoulder stretch. Move between fanning out arms behind you and giving yourself a big hug.

Throw these movements in as you need across the week.

Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!