Marathon Program

May 27th Tuneup

May 27th Tuneup


After a super thorough 15 to 20 minute warmup including drills and strides, this workout features 5 – 8 x 45 second sprints on flat terrain (or choose a hill if new to this type of speed work), with a 2 minute full recovery walking break after.

This workout is less about taxing your aerobic system and more about forcing muscular and mechanical adaptations to develop that bigger, more powerful stride, arm swing and turnover.



Today you’re going to work on a descending ladder of jumping squats and shoulder touch pushups. You have the option to start at 10 and descend to 1 rep (for 55 reps total), or you can start at 9 to 1 (for 45 reps), or start at 8 reps and descend to 1 (for 36 reps total).

So the pattern would be 10 jump squats + 10 shoulder touch pushups. Then 9 reps of each, 8 reps of each down to 1 rep of each.

Give yourself 30 seconds of rest after each couplet to keep the quality high.

Bonus Challenge

Coach Morgan takes you through a classic forward bend. This is a classic for a reason – it’s so effective in releasing stress and tension in the shoulders and upper back, lengthening your posterior chain, and helping get you recovered quicker with some deep belly breaths. Stay there for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat as needed. Alternatively count for 10 to 15 deep full belly breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

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