Marathon Program

February 10th Tuneup

February 10th Tuneup


Warm Up:

      • 3 min EZ Run
      • 20 “Bunny Hops”
      • 15 Single Leg Hops (each)


    2 Rounds

      • 6 Air Squats
      • 6 Leg Swings

    Run Workout:

    Blind Pacing Practice:

      • 4 x 200m
      • 3 x 400m
      • 2 x 800m

    Rest as much as needed between each rep!


    Get the exact same time as your opening effort for each distance. You may not look at your clock until you finish the whole effort. We are practicing our capacity to feel whatever pace we chose.

    I run my first 200m in 0:45. Now, for the remaining 3 200’s my target time is 0:45.
    I run my first 400m in 1:40. Now, for the remaining 2 400’s my target time is 1:40.

    When To Perform:

    This would be a good workout to do on a day between easy runs or use it as a low-demand, fun workout!

    Mobility Exercise:

      • 2-3 min Bone Saw (each leg)



    Warm Up:

    Accumulate 2:00 in the following positions:

      • Squat
      • Bottom Dip

    Notes: This should be broken up into intervals that make it doable for you and allows you to focus on good positions. For example: 4×0:30 hold + 0:30 rest

    Your Workout:

    Specific Lactate Clearance

    3 Rounds:

      • 20-30 DB Thrusters
      • 400m Recovery Run

    Notes: Looks fun right? Right. Your job is to select a weight and a rep amount that allows you to do the reps “unbroken,” which means that once you start, you do not put the weight down until you are done.

    Goal: Unbroken thrusters each round. Really work yourself in the thrusters. AND, most importantly, recover during your run. We are training our capacity to clear fatigue by-product in our running motion. You should run this SLOWLY. If you run so fast that you don’t recover enough to do your following round unbroken, you went too fast!

    Mobility Exercise:

      • 2:00-3:00 Calf Tissue Massage on Dumbbell


    Bonus Challenge

    Bonus Mobility:

    3-5 min Foam Roller: Fulcrums

    Notes: Keep low back organized by engaging midline and only locally moving the spine on the foam roller!

    Bonus Strength:

    3 Sets

      • 10 Single Arm DB Squat Press
      • 4 x 0:10 Straddle Lift Off Holds
      • 1:00 DB Single Leg Balance (each)

    Rest as needed between exercises to ensure quality movement and position.

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