Marathon Program

Week of June 19th

Week of June 19th


This week we will re-test a workout from back in the week of April 17th!

The workouts are the same, so I encourage you to replicate the conditions from the workout (or increase the demand) so you can test you can test your current fitness against your previous fitness!

This means you should use the same hill for your hill repeats, increase the weight for the DB movements, etc etc.

Let me know if you improve in the comments!



3 Rounds
• 5 Air Squats
• 5 Leg Swings
• 5 Single Leg Hops

Run Workout:

Hill Repeats

Find a hill that you can RUN consistently up for 1:00. The grade will depend on your strength!

5 Rounds
• 1:00 Hard Run Uphill
• EZ Jog Back To Start
2:00 Rest at Bottom

Mobility Exercise:

5 min walk
20 Loaded Toe Extensions

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Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!



10 Downward Dog to Shoulder Extension
1:00 Pigeon Hold + Shimmy Around


3 Sets, increase weight/height if possible:
• 8 Single Leg DB Deadlifts
• 8 Single Leg Hip Flexion Lift Off To DB
• 8 DB Front Squats
• 8 DB Seated Shoulder Press

Rest 1:00ish between each exercise

Mobility Exercise:

10 Scorpions + Press To Cobra

Remember: Post your results, comments, and questions in our private Facebook Group…just for you!

Bonus Challenge

Bonus Mobility:

Active Mobility:
• 10 Weighted Cossack Squats (5 each direction)

• Go as deep into the squat as you are comfortable.
• Turn the foot upwards once you feel limited by your inner thigh or ankle.
• Sitting back onto a table or chair is a good idea if you’ve never done these!

Bonus Strength:

10-15 min to work through:
• 5 Renegade Rows + 5 Sec Pause (each side)
• 5 Weighted Back Extensions

Performance Points
Renegade Row:
• Keep elbow hugged into side during pause (don’t flare out).
• Torso and hips remain square with the ground (don’t twist)
Back Extension:
• This takes a lot of thinking, so be patient and move slowly!
• There are 24 vertebrae back there (ignoring sacral), and your job is to round forward one at a time all the way to the bottom of your lumbar spine!