Marathon Program

April 22nd Tuneup

April 22nd Tuneup


In honor of the recent Boston Marathon, we’re using “race pace” for our workout this week. Before you get rocked by the term, “race pace” is completely individual to you and the race distance you’re training for. And if you are not training for anything specific right now, this workout will still be super fun and doable!

To find your “race pace”:

  1. Figure out your overall goal time for your race (be a little generous here). *If you aren’t racing, simply pick a realistic (but hopeful) goal time for a distance of your choice.
  2. Divide that time by the number of total miles or kilometers.
  3. Your result is your goal pace per mile or kilometer. This will be the number you use in the workout whenever we reference “race pace”.

Your Workout:

  • 5-minute warm-up run @ 3/10 perceived effort
  • 5-minute run @ 4/10 perceived effort
  • 5-minute run @ race pace
  • 5-minute tempo run @ something slightly faster than race pace
  • 5-minute run at 4/10 perceived effort
  • 5 min “cooldown” @ 2/10 perceived effort

The number of rounds (times you’ll repeat the above sequence) will depend on the distance you’re training for.

5K: 1 round only
10K or Half Marathon: 2 rounds
Marathon: 3 rounds


Summer’s coming! Let’s strengthen that core.

Before we get started, go grab a medicine ball (10+ lbs) or something of similar size.

Your Workout:

  • 30 seconds: weighted alternating leg drops
  • 30 seconds: rest
  • 30 seconds: mountain climbers
  • 30 seconds: rest
  • 30 seconds: happy stars
  • 30 seconds: rest
  • 30 seconds: leg lifts
  • 30 seconds: rest
  • REPEAT all of the above once more.

Bonus Challenge

Follow along for a nice & easy cool-down flow, built to complement any workout or run.

Remember to hold each position for 5 deep breaths and repeat the flow as needed.