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Sunday :
Feet & Toes

Foot Rolling


Prescription: 2-3 minutes per foot. Best done after workout. Avoid doing this aggressively if you are currently having a plantar fascia flare up.


Your feet are gunked up. Your plantar fascia is not happy. And you are losing out on some serious rebound. Restore those springs with some foot smashing!

Banded Toe Extension


Prescription: 20-30 extensions per foot. Before or after workout.


This is a big one if you struggle with stiff toes (which you may be surprised to find you have!). The band will encourage your joints to track into position and will allow for better function in extension. Can be done without the band as well!

Toe Re-animation


Prescription: 2-3 minutes per foot. Before or after workout (we love this after a long day).


Alright, we will be frank. This one isn’t very comfortable (at first), but we promise you will learn to love it. Toes are meant to splay on impact, and we are helping restore that motion with this exercise.


While we’ve worked with numerous licensed physical therapists to create content, we are not doctors, nor do we claim to be doctors. These exercises are ones we’ve used on ourselves and our clients throughout the years and have selected our favorite, most effective tools to get the job done! If you’re concerned with any exercises, please reach out to your local physical therapist for further guidance!