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| Glutes and TFL

Saturday :
Glutes and TFL

Glute & Piriformis Massage


Prescription: 2-3 minutes per booty


I prefer to use a softball sized massage tool for this over a LAX ball, but both will work! Sitting on our butts all day from work and leisure leaves the tissues not so happy. You’ll be surprised at how amazing this feels!

TFL Massage

Prescription: 2-3 minutes per side.


The TFL is a rarely massaged muscle and should receive much more attention! I prefer to use a Softball sized ball for this but a LAX ball can also work fine when performed against a wall. Your squat and run will thank you 🙂


While we’ve worked with numerous licensed physical therapists to create content, we are not doctors, nor do we claim to be doctors. These exercises are ones we’ve used on ourselves and our clients throughout the years and have selected our favorite, most effective tools to get the job done! If you’re concerned with any exercises, please reach out to your local physical therapist for further guidance!