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Runner's Knee

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Runner’s Knee

“Runner’s Knee” is a catchall term used to describe general pain in and around the knee caused by running. The exercises in this series are all mobility and tissue health related, but strength is a huge factor as well! We do an in-depth look at Runner’s Knee with strength training moves here (Part 1, Part 2).


  • Glute Massage

    Prescription: 2-3 minutes each side. Best done after workout or during a dedicated mobility session.

    Glutes play a huge role in knee health and stability, and keeping the tissues happy is a big step in the battle. I use a Softball sized ball for this, but a LAX ball would also work.

  • Distal Quad Smash

    Prescription: 2-3 minutes each leg. Best done after workout or during dedicated mobility session.

    The tissues above your knee can get really tight and end up restricting motion and create tightness in the knee as well. This is a great bang for your buck exercise for the soft tissue!

  • Couch Stretch

    Prescription: 2-3 minutes each side. Before or after workout.

    The Couch Stretch is a very important stretch for the anterior tissues and can show you how tight you really are. This is a great stretch to undo all the sitting most of us do throughout the day! We sometimes call this the “every day stretch” because it can/should be done every day.


While we’ve worked with numerous licensed physical therapists to create content, we are not doctors, nor do we claim to be doctors. These exercises are ones we’ve used on ourselves and our clients throughout the years and have selected our favorite, most effective tools to get the job done! If you’re concerned with any exercises, please reach out to your local physical therapist for further guidance!