Welcome to the Perfect Running Form

PRF | Intro & Big Picture

Intro & Big Picture


Welcome to the Perfect Run Form series! We’re pumped you’re here and we know you’ll get a lot of VALUE and see a LOT of improvement with these videos.

Running technique is one of the MOST important but LEAST utilized tools out there.

But even for those who do use run drills regularly, it’s only one piece of the performance puzzle…

The Big Picture

Running Form: Big Picture Overview

Video Time: 5:26

In this video we provide an overview of good running form and the roadmap for the rest of our running form tuneup!

How To Use:

The easiest and most effective way to work on your running form is during warm-up. But depending on the type of run (track session, tempo run, easy run, long run, etc), the timing of the drills do vary.

This is a time when you are fresh, have good brain-body communication, and are generally focused.

Below you can find a sample week of how we would suggest incorporating the drills we have within this program!