5k Training Program

Week 4 | Day 24

Agility &

Time: 30 - 45 minutes.
“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” – Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

The first strength workout of the second half of the 5k program changes things up by doing super-sets of the exercises instead of ladders or Tabata style workouts. Just how big is this super-set? Set your sights on doing 30 reps of each exercise!

Your body responds to change and new movement patterns by continuing to build adaptive strength, even if the movement is familiar. Remember that building strength is a long game – the gains don’t happen quickly. You learn to do a movement and then continue to add complexity like speed, load or duration. Your body will adapt to the change, but you have to be persistent and focused, trusting that the gains will eventually come.

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  • Running Warm Up (optional)

    You may be looking for a way to get in a few more miles during a training week, and this optional run before a strength workout is a safe and sane way of doing just that. It won’t be for everyone, and you don’t need to do it every week. Pay attention to how well your body is recovering day-to-day before deciding to add more mileage.

    If you choose to do this optional run, run easy for about 5 minutes, then stop and do some air squats, leg swings, and hip circles before finishing this warm up. Your body will thank you.


    Beginner: 15 minutes
    Intermediate: 20 – 30 minutes
    Advanced: 40 minutes


    All Levels: Easy Run

    Effort Level:

    All Levels: RPE 3 out of 10

  • Dynamic Warm Up

    30 seconds high knees in place
    5 inchworms (no push up)
    30 seconds butt kicks
    5 inchworms (no push up)
    20 lateral leg swings/side

  • Main Set

    The exercise groups change a bit compared to previous weeks and again are separated by recovery periods. As we mentioned earlier, we’re changing how we want you to do the exercises this week.

    Do 30 reps of each exercise in each group. When you’ve finished all the exercises in a group, take a 60-second to 90-second break before continuing with the next group.

    If an exercise focuses on a single arm or leg, then do 30 reps on each side, but break them up into groups of 10. That is – 10 left, 10 right, 10 left, 10 right, 10 left, 10 right to get to 30 reps. Doing it this way will better help build the stability and strength one limbed exercises are designed to enhance, and not have you struggle with a fatiguing muscle that can affect maintaining good form.

    Group One with Coach Nate:
    Lunge with High Skip, Fast Mountain Climbers and Happy Stars

    Lunge with High Skip

    Fast Mountain Climbers

    Happy Stars

    Group Two with Coach Holly:
    Push Ups, Burpee Box Jumps, and Butterfly Sit Ups

    Hand Release Push Up to Downward Dog with a Shin Tap

    Burpee Box Jumps

    Butterfly Sit Ups

    Group Three with Coach Nate:
    Single Leg Curb Jump, and Single Leg Glute Bridge Raise

    Single Leg Curb Jump

    Single Leg Glute Bridge Raise

  • Mobility: Thoracic Spine and Lats

    Improve your posture and breathing by rolling your thoracic spine. It just feels good. Just stay in the thoracic area and don’t roll your spine between your ribs and your hips.

    Improve your arm swing by rolling out your lats