Half Marathon Program

Week 4 | Half Day 26

Rest Nutrition & Mobility

Time: As much as you need ????.

Today is a recovery and restorative day. The goal is to give you the mental and physical break you need to not only absorb all the hard training you’ve done this week, but to feel rested and refreshed and ready to tackle this weekend’s long run and fun run. That means not jumping into your friend’s super hard spin class and then doing 100 burpees right after 🙂

Remember, when we workout we actually break ourselves down and beat ourselves up. It’s only when we give ourselves the ample rest time do we give our body the opportunity to recover and become the stronger runner we are all turning into!

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some work to do! Each week not only will we be digging into some different eating habits critical to our overall health and performance, but we’ll be dedicating some time to roll out those tight calves and take the squat challenge!

Feel free to spend time on your problem areas, i.e. roll out your quads and do the couch stretch if you’re dealing with tight hips and knee issues!

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  • Eating Habits

    Nutrition versus fueling. They’re not the same thing. Watch this video on a more simple and healthy approach to nutrition.


2-3 minutes of calf rolling per leg 6 minutes squat challenge!