Half Marathon Program

Week 1 | Half Day 7

Fun Run & Cross Training Day

Time: 20-60+ minutes.
This month’s fun run requires that each week you do something slightly new and different. This can include: playing in a pick-up game (soccer, flag football, or volleyball), or riding a bike.


If you do choose to run, you “have-to-have-to-have-to” run a new and different route each time, preferably with a new and different person each time! Running can help us meet new people and experience new places, and the combination of those two are easy ways to keep us excited and inspired with our program!


Regardless of the activity you choose, we also prefer you leave the watch or screen at home, or at least out of sight! Focus on the company you’re with and the new scenery you’re exploring!

So go forth, unplug, and tap into the outdoors!

Choose A Training Week
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  • Optional 4th Run

    Time: 20-60+ minutes. A great way to get extra mileage in for the week provided your body is ready to handle those miles and you have race goals that require them!

  • Advanced Run

    “Alternation Run”

    1 mile EZ

    10 Air Squats

    2 Rounds

    0.5 mile moderate

    0.5 mile easy

    • 10 Air Squats between/after rounds

    2 miles EZ

    • 10 Air Squats between miles

    Miles: 5