Half Marathon Program

Week 8 | Half Day 55

Distance Run – Race Weekend

Time: Short 25-30 minute pre-race run or RACE DAY 13.1 miles.

Finally! All your hard work is about to pay off. If you are racing today good luck! Arrive at least an hour before your race time to park, register, and warmup. The bigger the race, the more time and logistics are needed so ready your race packet!

If your race is tomorrow…plan for a shake out run with just a few “engine revs” to keep the legs sharp and race ready! Plan on spending the rest of the day OFF your feet as much as possible with something hydrating to sip on at all times.

Distance: Short 25-30 minute pre-race run or RACE DAY 13.1 miles

IF you are NOT racing:

Plan on an 8-9 mile run!

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  • Warm up

    After 10 minutes of a breathe-focused running warmup stop for the following.

  • Get Moving

    One round: 10-20 leg swings, lunges, hip circles, and inchworm pushups.

  • Run

    25-30 minutes at an easy to moderate pace with 5 x 60″ race pace pickups. OR you are racing your 13.1 today. Good luck!

    Run 50”/walk 10”.

    Short walk breaks act as a posture re-set. If you stick w this we guarantee you’ll feel more connected and less beat up after these runs!

    On these longer runs its important to hydrate. What’s your strategy for “carrying”?

  • Post Run Recovery

    10 minutes legs up wall!

Cool down & Mobility

3 minutes of easy jogging and walking.

2-3 minutes seated hamstring deep smashing with a lacrosse ball.

2-3 minutes per side of additional work from the bonus section.