Half Marathon Program

Week 1 | Half Day 6

Distance Run

Time: 60+ minutes.
Note that we are focusing on mileage for today’s run, not on time. Use the short walk breaks! They act as a posture re-set. If you stick with this strategy we guarantee you’ll feel more connected and less beat up after these runs!  

Today’s THE DAY for many of us. The day we care about and enjoy the most as we see the direct translation of the progressively longer runs with our ability to accomplish our ever ambitious running goals! This is where all our strength, all our mobility, all our run technique, and all our mental ability to focus for the long haul really matter.  

This is where we find out how strong you are as a runner, specifically for the distances for which you’re preparing. The vast majority of our injuries are from overuse, and overuse injuries are 100% connected with some sort of mechanical breakdown. We breakdown because we are some combination of not strong, not mobile, not fluid, and unable to stay mentally focused from start to finish.  

So enjoy today’s run, but draw your awareness to how and when you breakdown, because we all do. Stay focused here, strategically use the walk breaks as needed to maintain form, and slowly reap the rewards of becoming a strong runner with the tool set to tackle any running distance injury-free!  

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  • Warm up

    After 10 minutes of a breathe-focused running warmup stop for the following.

  • Get Moving

    One round: leg swings, lunge, and hip circles

    One round: inchworm push ups

  • Run

    5-7 miles at an easy to moderate pace. You should be able to pass the “talk test”!

    Run 50”/walk 10”.

    Use these short walk breaks as a posture “reset”!

  • Advanced Run

    Volume: 8-10 miles (or 70-80 minutes)

    After 5 minutes of a breathe-focused running warmup, stop for the following:

    Run: 8-10 miles at an easy to moderate pace. You should be able to pass the “talk test”!

    Drill: Run 4:30, Walk 0:30. Use these short walk breaks as a posture “reset”!

    Miles: 8-10

Cool down & Mobility

3 minutes of easy jogging and walking.

Mobility area of choice.

Choose from bonus section and spend at least 2-3 minutes per side.