Half Marathon Program

Week 5 | Half Day 33

Rest Sleep & Standing Challenge

Today is where you really get better. It’s hard to slow down in this world, but if you can learn how to do this well even once a week you’ll see the benefits extend way past running. So sorry, tell your friends you have to sleep in, skip that sweat-soaked SoulCycle class, and catch up on a little light reading.

Don’t worry though. We haven’t left you without anything to do. Each week we’ll be talking about a different aspect our favorite recovery-related topic: sleep!


Remember also people. OWN YOUR SH*T! The only effort you should exert today should be on ironing out all those hidden kinks in the body BEFORE they become a major problem.


Mobility is key to consistency, and consistency is key to a successful and fun running lifestyle.

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  • Sleeping Habits

    How much exactly do you sleep each night? Now take 30-60 minutes off of that because in reality that’s probably where you’re really at (that’s right: I like to myself too). Do you know how much of an affect your sleep has not only on your running but on your overall quality of life?

  • Standing Challenge

    How much do you spend sitting throughout the day? Can you spend less time sitting? Can you set up a standing desk and work standing for 60 minutes a day this week? If you cannot, can you take a 10 minute standing/working break every hour?


3+ minutes quad rolling

5+ minutes working on something (because we all need a little work on something extra!)