Half Marathon Program

Week 8 | Half Day 50

Core Work & Restoration Training

It’s Race Week!

Follow these tips to make sure you have a successful final week of the program and arrive like the finely tuned machine you’ve become for a successful race day!

A lot of new looks are coming your way for this month’s core work and restoration training along with a continuation of the work we’ve already started. Remember, you can always go back to the strength days in previous weeks if you need a refresher or if you’re not yet ready for these new challenges.

Remember it’s easy to go through the motions or to skip this day altogether. But trust us, today’s where you lay the foundation for a strong connected body that can handle the running and racing in the week ahead! Breathe, breathe, breathe and have fun with some new moves!

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Today’s workout

  • Warm up

    Integrate breathing in with all movements.

    3 rounds: 8-10 single leg dead lifts and 8-10 side steps (or Jane Fonda leg raises)

    3 rounds: side planks with 8-10 leg raises (each side) and 8-10 dead bugs with a 2-second hold

  • Mainset

    3 rounds: 8-10 lunges (each leg) and 8-10 staggered hand pushups

    3 rounds: 30-second single arm planks (alternate arms slowly side to side) and 8-10 v up/tuck up variations

    3 rounds: 8-10 arch rocks and 8-10 happy stars


Chest stretch (on belly) for 2 minutes per side

Upward dog and downward dog flow 5-10 reps (or 2 minutes)

Anterior and posterior banded hip stretch for 2 minutes per side in each direction


  • Warmup

    Single Leg Deadlifts & Side Steps

    Side Planks & Dead Bugs

  • Mainset

    Lunges & Staggered Hand Pushups

    Single Arm Planks & V Ups

    Arch Rocks & Happy Stars

  • Mobility

    Chest Stretch & Downward Dog to Upward Dog Flow

    Banded Anterior & Posterior Hip Stretch