Half Marathon Program

Week 8 | Half Day 54

Racing this Weekend

If Racing Saturday…today will include a 20-30 minute shake out run with a handful of 30-60″ race pace pickups. This will help burn a little steam and keep those legs sharp for tomorrow’s race without overdoing it. Make sure you warmup and cool down well after and practice a little race day visualization.

If racing Sunday…stick with the regular rest program as stated below. You might also be traveling for your event today. If so a shake out walk and some extra mobility once you arrive will help loosen up any travel related stiffness. This is also a good day to review any important race day logistics: when/how you’ll register, how you’ll get to to the start line, what time you need to wake up, your coffee/breakfast routine (esp if in a hotel room)….and of course a little race day visualization too!

If you are NOT racing at all, then continue to follow the programming below….

Today is where you really get better. It’s hard to slow down in this world, but if you can learn how to do this well even once a week you’ll see the benefits extend way past running. So sorry, tell your friends you have to sleep in, skip that sweat-soaked SoulCycle class, and catch up on a little light reading.

Don’t worry though. We haven’t left you without anything to do. Each week we’ll be talking about a different aspect our favorite recovery-related topic: sleep!

Remember also people. OWN YOUR SH*T! The only effort you should exert today should be on ironing out all those hidden kinks in the body BEFORE they become a major problem.

Mobility is key to consistency, and consistency is key to a successful and fun running lifestyle.

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  • Sleeping Habits

    How old’s your mattress? If you’ve uncovered every stone in your sleep habits but are still having a hard time it might be time to check your equipment. In addition to sleeping in a room that’s too warm or that’s too light, a too old/too lumpy mattress can really thwart your recovery and sleep! If your mattress if over 7 or 8 years it’s best time to take a look at a new one or spend at least 1-2 nights per week sleeping on the floor. Crazy we know but it works ????

  • Standing Challenge

    Our final week on this big transition. We first want to draw awareness to just how much time we spend sitting each day. Now we want to do something about it by slowly getting you accustomed to working from that standing position more and more! Think you can continue this new habit on your own going forward?


3+ minutes quad rolling

5+ minutes working on something (because we all need a little work on something extra!)