Half Marathon Program

Week 5 | Half Day 32

Tempo Intervals

Time: 50 minutes.

Welcome to the world of tempo intervals! This workout can be done on either flat to rolling terrain, a track, or a treadmill and will teach you how to hold faster speeds for longer periods of time. Newer runners will continue to learn exactly how to pace at 1/2 marathon, 10km, and 5km efforts using rate of perceived exertion (RPE). Advanced runners can use a heart rate monitor or GPS device to more finely tune their race pace for the next event!

Either way, these intervals will push you to your next level of running ability & increase your confidence to set that new PR!

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  • Warm up

    Start of run stand tall with your hand on your belly and the other on your chest.

    Take 10 deep belly breaths.

    Include a 10 minute building warmup connecting your breathing with your stride rate.

  • Get Moving

    You warmup is KEY for performance in today’s temp run. Include:

    1 round: 10 knee to chest & walking lunges

    1 round: 10 spiderman crawls & 10 mountain climbers

    1 round: 10 downward dog pushups & 10 burpee/broad jumps.

  • Run

    Run for maximum distance for 30 minutes.

    Note your distance, rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and heart rate if you have it. Treat this like a race, i.e. do not hold back!

    Options: tempo runs can also be done on a track or a treadmill. Best to avoid stop signs and stop lights, and steeper hills in either direction.

  • Advanced Run

    2 Miles EZ
    2 Miles (Target: Half Marathon + 20 sec/mile)
    1 Mile (Target: Half Marathon + 10/sec/mile)
    2 Miles EZ

    Total: 7 miles

Cool down & Mobility

5 minutes easy running/walking cool down

2 minutes of calf & hamstring lacrosse ball smashing

***Run is not finished until after you’ve done your mobility***