Half Marathon Program

Week 5 | Half Day 35

Fun Run & Cross Training Day

Guys remember, sometimes the time we spend not running can actually get us closer to our goal? Why we want to protect and improve our overall athleticism even as we do deeper dives into the endurance realm.

If you’re a newer runner, this is a great way to add some fitness while your body slowly adapts to its ability to handle higher mileage. For you on the advanced side, today is an insurance policy against future injury as you push your body’s limits each week.

For both it provides the key mental break and stimulus while still allowing you to feel fit and to get outdoors.

This IS an opportunity to get an extra run in for those who want to add a fourth run into the program. Regardless of what you do, we encourage you to keep the spirit of today, enjoy yourself, and play the day’s training a little bit by ear.

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  • Trail Run

    Plan for 25-65+ minute, preferably on trails! The softer surface and varied terrain is an excellent way to get

    extra mileage in.

  • Advanced Run

    40-50 minutes easy (40 min side of things if you aren’t feeling good)

    Rest 3-5 min

    4×15 second stride outs

    • Stride outs should be focused on mechanical speed (high turnover, springy stride, etc). Speed is about 80% top velocity.

    Miles: 5