• Warm Up

    Referencing the video at the top of the page do the following warm up

    10 Deep Lunge + Knee Circles
    20 PVC Pipe Pass Throughs

  • Strength Workout

    3 Sets

    8 Push-Ups
    Rest 0:30
    8 Back Squat
    Rest 0:30
    8 Ring Rows
    Rest 2:00


    • Increase weight across each set (and make ring row more challenging by adjusting orientation).

    • The weight of the Back Squat should be light enough that no loss of speed is seen. That is, if you are struggling to stand up smoothly during the set, the weight is too heavy for today’s stimulus.

  • Core Workout

    8 Sets

    0:20 Hollow Body Hold
    0:20 Rest

  • Mobility

    2:00 Walk
    10 Leg Swings
    10 Pass Throughs

Movement Demo/Explanation