• Warm Up

    Referencing the video at the top of the page perform the following warm up

    2 Rounds

    10 Step Walking Lunge (out)
    10 Air Squats
    Stiff Leg Bear Crawl with ears covered (back)

  • Strength Set

    DB Front Rack Step Up

    3 Sets, adding weight each set

    5 DB Front Rack Step Up (each leg)
    Rest 1:30 between sets


    • Choose a height that gets your thigh about parallel with the ground.

    • Minimize the amount you use your other leg to assist on standing on box.

  • Main Workout

    3 Sets

    8 DB Z Press
    Rest 0:30
    10-20 Straddle Lift Off’s/Taps
    Rest 0:30
    8 Overhead Squats
    Rest 2:00


    • Use the 2:00 rest to add height on Taps and/or weight on DB or Barbell

  • Core Workout

    8 sets

    20 seconds work
    10 seconds rest


    • Alternate arms each effort.

    • Adopt a wider foot stance than your usual plank.

  • Mobility

    Deltoid Massage 2-3 min each