• Warm Up

    Referencing the video at the top of the page perform the following warm up

    8 Rounds

    30 seconds run
    30 seconds step Up (EZ height)

  • Strength Workout

    6 Sets

    4 Weighted Squat with 30 Second Pause In Bottom

    Set 1/4: Normal Stance
    Set 2/5: Wide Stance
    Set 3/6: Narrow Stance


    Try to add weight to sets 4, 5 and 6. Weight could come in the form of DB, KB, Medicine ball, etc.

  • Main Workout

    3 Sets

    8 Ring Row
    Rest 0:30
    8 DB Bench Press
    Rest 0:30
    0:45 Hollow Rocks
    Rest 1:30


    • If you want to increase the weight of the bench press, do so during the 1:30 of rest!

  • Mobility

    5:00 Walk
    Trap Smash, 2 min per side


    • Be sure to move the arm around as much as you can during the massage!

Movement Demo/Explanation