30 Day Challenge program

Week 4 | Day 30

Final Test &
End of Challenge

Time: 45-60 minutes.
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anais Nin

Let’s be honest. You may have missed a workout here or there. But that’s ok. Life happens. The point is you made it. You successfully completed The Run Experience 30 Day Run Challenge.

You have unlocked that athlete within you.

Today we will measure your 30-minute run, 60-second pushup test, and hollow body hold. Get ready to see all your hard work pay off. Note the progress you made. Fewer breaks on the run? More pushups in the minute? Stronger core? Yeah, we thought so.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Thank you for pushing through this 30 Day Challenge! Now, look forward to life with an active and athletic mind and body. And remember, enjoy your run experience!

Possible Locations
  • A local running track
  • A familiar stretch of road or trail
  • A treadmill
Warm Up
  • 8 minute follow along video with Coach Holly
  • Arm Circles and Arm Swings to warm up the shoulders and chest
  • Leg Swings, Hip Circles and Dynamic Pigeons to warm up the hips and ankles
  • Bootstraps to warm up the hamstrings
  • Burpees to elevate the heart rate and work the whole body
  • Air Squats to start firing the glutes
  • Squat Walks to further open up the hips
Main Set
  • 30 minute run
  • 60 seconds of quality push ups
  • Maximum length of time in hollow body hold position
  • Approximately 35 – 40 minutes total
What to Measure
  • Run: Distance covered, how long you walked, and the number and duration of any breaks taken
  • Push Ups: How many push ups were you able to complete for each push up form used
  • Hollow Body Hold: How long were you able to maintain the pose with good form
Cool Down
  • 5 minute follow along vido with Coach Holly
  • Squat hold to relax the hips, back and glutes
  • Downward Dog to Upward Dog flow to stretch the shoulders, calves and abs
  • Pigeon Pose to relax the hips and groin
  • Childs Pose to quiet the mind and stretch the lats


  • Follow Along Warm Up

    • 8 minutes
    • Arm Circles: 20 forward, 20 backward
    • Arm Swings: 15 – 20
    • Left Leg: 20 Leg Swings, ending in a lunge. 10 Hip Circles (each direction) and 10 Dynamic Pigeons
    • Right Leg: 20 Leg Swings, ending in a lunge. 10 Hip Circles (each direction) and 10 Dynamic Pigeons
    • Bootstraps: 10
    • Burpees: 10
    • Air Squats: 10
    • Squat Walks: 3 sets of step forward, step backward, step left, step right
  • Test 1: 30 Minute Run
    • 30 minutes
    • Run as far as you can in 30 minutes
    • For new runners, run at a comfortable pace for the duration
    • For experienced runners, this should be a challenging effort! Focus on the maximum distance you can cover in 30 minutes
    • Note the distance traveled, how you felt, and heart rate (if you track that)
    • You can walk, for a break, but note how many you breaks you take and how long they are
  • Test 2: Maximum Number of Push Ups in 60 seconds

    • 60 seconds
    • Perform as many quality push ups as you can
    • Maintain good form even if you have to modify how you perform the exercise
  • Test 3: Hollow Body Hold - Maximum Duration

    • No time limit
    • Pull legs, arms, and shoulder off the ground for as long as you can without collapsing.
    • Keep track of which form modification you use
  • Follow Along Cool Down

    • 5 minutes
    • Squat Hold: 1 minute
    • Downward Dog to Upward Dog: 1 minute
    • Pigeon Pose: 1 minute each leg
    • Child’s Pose with Lat Stretch: 1 minute

Closing Thoughts

  • Are you ready for what's next?
    “For all the talk about living in the the moment, what makes the present beautiful and complete is also imagining what we will do next.” — Diana Marcum

    Congratulations on completing the 30 Day Challenge. It’s no small feat and your effort, care, and commitment are not only noticed by us, but we guarantee by EVERYONE around you.

    We can hear you saying ““I LOVED the challenge. But what do I do now that it’s (sniff) over?”

    Well, your running journey with us does not have to end! For sure you’ve made a whole heap of awesome running progress, but we’re willing to wager there’s more.

    That’s right. We really are just tapping into what YOU can do. Learn more about our 5k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon programs and join so many fellow 30 DC’ers who, like you, want to keep pushing to that next level!